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Delouri Ducks is the Hunting and Recreation division of Delouri Farms.

Delouri Ducks offers first rate DUCK HUNTING LEASES on seventeen (17) duck pits located on 4 different farms in Southeast Missouri.

Location: Missouri Bootheel
Being located in the heart of the Mississippi flyway just below the confluences of the Missouri and Ohio Rivers into the Mississippi allows Delouri Ducks to take advantage of massive congregations of migrating waterfowl every year.

Our usually mild winters and abundant supply of grain allow the area to hold a large number of ducks for extended periods.

Delouri Ducks land is in the heart of thousands of acres ofthe finest bottomland along the Mississippi River consisting of flooded rice, corn, and soybeans fields.

Nestled in the middle of four (4) major wildlife refuges, Delouri Ducks enjoys all of the benefits that these large staging areas afford.

North Delta Duck Club

Delouri Ducks has partnered with North Delta Duck Club (NDDC) to offer a more complete hunting experience.

A newly built 4 bedroom, 3 Bath Cabin

Guided hunts in flooded rice, corn, and soybean field pits.

On our farm near historic New Madrid, Missouri.

"Let us show you a genuine downhome, low frills duck hunting experience. Our goal is to make our hunters comfortable enough that they feel like we are hunting in their pit."

- Andy Riley

Lilbourn Farm


Description: 700 Acre Farm
Condition: Flooded Rice Field
# of Pits: 6

Pit 1: 18' Pit - LEASED
Pit 2: 15' Pit - LEASED
Pit 3: 18' Pit - LEASED
Pit 4: 12' Pit - LEASED
Pit 5: 12' Pit - LEASED
Pit 6: 20' Pit - LEASED

Yellow Dog

Description: 225 Acre Farm
Condition: Flooded Rice, Beans, Corn
# of Pits: 3

Pit 1: 16' Pit - LEASED
Pit 2: 12' Pit - LEASED
Pit 3: 16' Pit - LEASED


Description: 426 Acre WRP Site
Condition: Flooded WRP Site
# of Pits: 4

Pit 1: 12' Pit - LEASED
Pit 2: 16' Pit - LEASED
Pit 3: 16' Pit - LEASED
Pit 4: 16' Pit - LEASED


Hunting Leases

* All of our Hunting Locations are currently leased.

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