Delouri Farms
Delouri Farms can be traced back to the purchase of a 60 acre wheat farm in Stillwell, OK in 1929.
Delouri Farms is a real estate investment company that has primarily focused on agricultural production and land management. Delouri has since grown to include additional real esate assets in residential, commercial, recreational land, grain storage, and more. Delouri Farms is still family owned and operated.
Row Crop Agriculture
Delouri Farms leases row crop farms to tenants to produce commercially genetic grains and proteins, as well as, value added specialty crops.
Residential Real Estate
The Company manages a diverse portfolio of residential real estate including single family homes, condos, and multi-family properties.
Grain Storage
The Company has developed storage facilities to enhance their ability to store grain production for delivery to customers at more price advantageous times.
Commercial Real Estate
The Company also manages commercial real estate holdings including industrial, retail, and office properties.